To be quite honest, it is extremely rare for me to meet anyone who has never ever booked a holiday or summer vacation themselves.

Work from home doing what you’re already doing for yourself. You already know how it works. You already have some of the skills you are going to need as an Independent Travel Agent.   Do you realize they are the same skills you require when you book your own travel arrangements? The difference is that you work from home and are booking it for someone else.    

You’ll handle the planning process exactly the same way. You will learn where they want to visit, when they would like to go and for how long. You’ll ask  how many individuals are travelling, will there be kids and how old they are as well as inquire about  what is important to them and what types of activities they enjoy doing on vacation as well as  get an idea of their budget.   

Work from Home Learning resources

We have a wide range of online resources, how-to guides and training materials that are going to help you on your way.

Most training materials are on line and delivered as webinars and/or videos. You will also be able to participate in online live training events by our travel suppliers. Folks in the United Kingdom, it is required that you complete mandatory regulatory ABTA training and take a short exam before you can sell any travel. All training is free and included in your fees. Right! Absolutely no additional costs.  

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Our company also conducts weekly meetings across the United States. 

There are conferences and other travel events across the globe that occur several times a year that any of our work from home Independent Travel Agents can attend for a small fee. There are events in the United Kingdom as well.    

Work from home specialized travel

If you have a passion for a certain destination, a work from home travel agent can specialize in that specific area of travel in your business.

That’s fine. This is your company and you can decide how you want to manage it. There are independent travel agents that sell only cruise vacations, or Disney or weddings & honeymoons vacations. Many independent travel agents specialize in adults only or solos vacations and others choose to book sports trips only. The training is available and a great deal of it is carried out by our suppliers awarding you a certificate at the end of it.   

How do you start as a work from home independent travel agent?

You ask me for a signup link , choose your business name and personalize your website. Oh, by the way, you get a FREE website! The next step is to set up your business email address and post on your social media pages to let your friends know about your new business endeavor. Finally, start your training while you are waiting for that first booking.

For more information, please email me at or click here.

If you are a member of my work from home travel team, 

I will guide you on where to start and will be available to answer any of the many questions you will have. Yes, you will have questions. We all began exactly where you are starting and know how intimidating it can be.

Our team also has access to additional training materials to assist  in creating a wonderful business and everything from planning, social media marketing and mindset are covered in addition to the basics like how do I do a quote? How do I book a holiday? How do I take a payment? Everything you’ll need to learn is available along with support as you take your initial steps as a new Independent Travel Agent.   

 If you decide to join today

Ask me for the signup link and you can start telling people you are an Independent Travel Agent today.   Email me at or send me a message by clicking here.

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